Huang Zhaojin, male, born in March 1968, Han nationality, college degree, senior engineer, chief executive of the Wenzhou Fenqi Clothing Co. Ltd., Pingyang County People's congress.

   In 1991 he with 12 employees two houses 20 thousand yuan to raise money and rented a leather factory and called up. After 15 years of development, it has become the leather industry leading enterprises, the success of the 2002 restructuring and was renamed Wenzhou Fenqi Clothing Co. ltd.. He advocated the establishment of people-oriented, the perfect enterprise training system, the implementation of internal self training, dispatch training; initiated "means, light let, Yongzhe" reasonable and effective incentive system, abandon the Wuwei "veteran" class cadres, promoted the introduction of talents, the rule of the phenomenon thoroughly remove the boss the. At the end of 2005, the total assets of the company was RMB 60 million yuan, and the tax paid was 11 million 880 thousand yuan. His wealth comes into active interest in philanthropy, to the poor mountainous areas, the county built roads and bridges, the project hope donations totaled about 1800000 yuan.

   Fenqi Clothing Co. Ltd. has won the "Zhejiang famous brand" China, promoting the quality of integrity will consumers (users) trustworthy unit "," national exemption product "," Pingyang County top twenty industrial enterprises "and the honorary title. He personally won the second "Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in Wenzhou", "Wenzhou outstanding entrepreneur", "national outstanding young township entrepreneurs", "Pingyang county labor model" and other honors.

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